About Vespa Madison

Dunn's Import has been a premier import auto service business based in Middleton, WI since 1979. In 2006 Dunn's became Madison's only Vespa and Piaggio scooter dealer. With this exciting new growth we have continued to offer the best in service and now sales for our customers. In 2008 Aprilia scooters were added to our scooter line-up to meet the growing demand for alternative transportation. We now have 22 unique models to fit the different tastes and needs of our growing customer base. In 2014 we added Moto Guzzi to our line up. These are hand built Italian motorcycles that show you are different than everybody else. These bikes are from 750cc to 1400cc and are full European design made in Italy.

Vespa Madison Ext. 1

Vespa Madison Ext. 2

Vespa Madison Ext. 2

Vespa Madison Ext. 4

Vespa Madison Ext. 5

Vespa Madison Ext. 6

Vespa Madison Ext. 7